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"It is crucial for my children because of a health issue... a warm house allow them to go through the winter better"

34 year old man from Chile

"I would say you don't have to drink your coffee in a coffee shop. You can be at home, and it can be very nice."

59 year old lady from New Zealand

"I get there in the evening, and I can read a book or drink a beer, and the sun is over me"

38 year old man from New Zealand

A whole new definition of "Comfort"

We did our research and realized that what architects and engineers think is comfortable does not match what people expect from a comfortable home.

We developed a whole new—research-based—model for understanding people's feeling of comfort. This allows a better design, commercialization, and assessment of buildings.

If only people could talk!

This model is based on people's expectations and descriptions of comfortable homes. Their statements not only agree with a lot of the Building Science knowledge, but are also consistent across people.

The same patterns were found by interviewing people in Chile and New Zealand.

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